Monument care

EAG-Monuments advises, guides and facilitates the owners of monuments through the restoration, maintenance, and repurposing of their monuments.

We were founded in 2003 and are certified as an architectural engineering advising agency for monument restoration and windmill advising by the Stichting Erkende Restauratiekwaliteit Monumentenzorg (ERM). Over the years we have come by an immense amount of knowledge and experience; we pride ourselves in counting on governments, foundations and private persons to be our regular customers. We are based in Montfoort, near Utrecht, but work throughout The Netherlands and abroad in Belgium and Germany. We can help you through the entire process: beginning with a plan to fundraise, then guiding the project to its execution, and lastly, completing and evaluating it.

A unique approach for every monument

Every monument is different and requires a unique approach. EAG-Monuments is specialised in determining a unique strategy that suits the monument, its owners and the location’s needs.

The first step towards planning your restoration is a noncommittal consultation meeting on the site of your monument. We will make an inventory of your needs and desires. In addition, if desired, we can do historical and architectural engineering research. We will then propose, according to the outcome of our research, a plan for your project (restoration plan, repurposing plan, maintenance plan). In the next phase, we can provide you with a scope statement and a budget plan. Then, we can guide you through fundraising and advise you in the call for bids process and can oversee the execution of the project.


Stichting Molens Binnenmaas

As a member of the board, I have been involved with the restoration of the windmill ‘Molen De Hoop’, which…

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